An expensive but useful block, it is used to create large holes of roughly 5 blocks at a time. As you near the bottom of the world, TNT, soon starts to weaken on the harder minerals and rocks under the ground. This starts to become noticeable when the TNT that usually makes hole of 5 blocks deep, soon turns into a measly 2 blocks as it hits Ryholite, the hardest rock in game. TNT can be detonated by a simple torch. Once the torched is place, you have 4 seconds to clear the detonation area before the TNT will explode . Placing multiple TNT blocks within range of one another will require only 1 torch to ignite as the resulting detonation can cause the others to explode.

Methods Of UseEdit

TNT can also be used to damage the spiders in the cavern however this is an expensive method and yields often poor results.

Crafting RecipeEdit

It can be crafted by using 4 gunpowder (sulphur) and 3 blocks of sand. 2 limestone