Spider Egg

A replica of one of the sides of a spider egg


Spider Eggs are blocks found in the Total Miner: Forge Dig Deep and Creative gamemode. Their function is to spawn spiders.


Spider Eggs can be bought from the block store on the second page for 2000 Gold in the Dig Deep gamemode; they are free in the Creative Gamemode

They can also be found deep underground near chests and the Underworld.


  • Each spider spawns about every 10 seconds.
  • Spider Eggs can only be destroyed by Diamond Tier weapons such as the Diamond Spear (7 hits) or Diamond Sword (11 hits) or a sledgehammer. They can also be destroyed by explosions from objects such as the Grenade launcher or TNT.
  • Spiders are known to emit a high pitched scream different from their normal injured scream when the Spider Eggs are being attacked by any handheld object.


If a spider is spawned overlapping with 1 or more blocks, the spider will slowly float upwards until the spider is in an open area again. This often means that the spider will rise up to the surface, so caution is needed when placing blocks near Spider Eggs or after a cave-in causes blocks to fall near one.